I think I like the night.

When the sun goes down and all of nature comes to a standstill, save the symphony of chirping crickets.

Then as if the conductor suddenly halts; mosquitoes stop buzzing at a point and the crickets no longer chirp.

The moon falls into a replenishing slumber from bright to pale; leaving only a trace as with chalk in the sky. Only to wake shortly after and put on its bright robes becoming halo rich again.

I think I like the night!
The smells, the stillness in the silence,
The stars out and sometimes not.

The chill in the breeze and sometimes the steam
It’s the period you come face to face with yourself.

There’s not much of an activity to shield you from you.

Truth is, most people hide behind busy schedules and avoid having plain honest conversations with themselves.

The cover of night brings up such an opportunity and we numb it with sleep.

I think I like the night.

When all goes to sleep with only mother earth and father sky showing no sign of slumber.

The coziness and comfort, sometimes just the darkness of the night.

Then suddenly it’s as if someone has tickled nature in her sleep,

All that lays still comes to life;

Cocks crow, sounds from moving vehicles, rapid swinging in tree branches, human movement.

Nature is awake!

I think I like the night!

When all souls go to sleep

And I get to keep vigil with divinity and see earth curious to know who I am.

I see the death of one day, the birth of hope and the beginning of life in another.

Night can be literal or metaphorical.
I like the night literally. But when trying times come, I embrace the challenge knowing that the trying of my faith works patience.

Literally, the time we all seek is Now, not when we all go to sleep-metaphorically!

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